In modern architecture, all-glass corners are the key style element in creating a unique spatial feeling. Minimalistic in appeal and in a clear geometric design, sliding doors that open across a corner are conquering the market. Warema, the sun-shading expert, has developed a new solution for shading these large glass façades: external venetian blinds for corner positions.

These external venetian blinds have no irritating guide rails or tension cables to spoil the aesthetic appeal of the all-glass corner, because Warema offers coupled external venetian blinds with no guide elements on the corners. Unobtrusive corner joints on the slats create a harmonious overall appeal of this sun shading solution. The bottom rails are fixed, and the standard tilting behaviour of the slats is not impaired by the connection. The two hangings on the corners tilt at the same time, and move up and down in parallel.

This shading solution offers a high level of stability and is notable for its easy consultation, planning and installation. The occupants also benefit from the fact that the door is still easy to pass through and there are no visual obstacles when you look out. They enjoy all the benefits of professional customised external venetian blinds to control the lighting individually and entirely as they wish.

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